About Us

Värde Consulting provides IT and Cloud consulting services to small and medium-size businesses. Unlike a salesperson from a single provider who needs to make every client fit their specific product, our agents can truly work as an advocate finding the right solution and partner for our clients.

Värde Consulting offers the following:

  • Business-orientated IT consulting and Cloud consulting
  • Emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction
  • Dependable support
  • Advanced technical expertise
  • Delivering effective solutions that enhance your business objectives

Contact us today to see how Värde Consulting can help move your business to the next level.

Kim McNeese, President of Värde Consulting established a sustainable telecommunications agency business built from the ground up. Kim has a BBA in Marketing from Southern Methodist University. She has been in the telecommunication industry since 1995 operating in business development and sales role. Her expertise is in voice and data communication services, Cloud and managed services, and business continuity solutions.

– Kim McNeese CEO and Owner, Värde Consulting

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